O&M Manuals

An Operations & Maintenance Manual isn’t just a requirement of handing over a project, it’s also a representation of your business. It’s your greatest business card and the gateway to future work opportunities. The final statement of the quality of workmanship you offer.

O&M manuals are viewed by builders, consultants and clients. They are the lasting impression of your business and constantly reviewed long after your project has been completed.

Delivering a project with prompt and professional certification could be the difference between winning or losing your next tender.

We offer our manuals in several formats to cater for a range of different project needs.


Personalised white insert folder with numbered dividing tabs. Comes with a USB containing a soft copy of files.


A personalised vinyl wrapped folder with professionally printed tabs. A dedicated page for your company profile and contact information (if preferred). Comes with a USB containing a soft copy of files.


A full e-book version of your manual in PDF format. Complete with cover and divided into sections, and with a clickable table of contents for fast reference. Delivered via USB or shared Dropbox link. Comes as one complete PDF file (file size will vary based on contents of manual).

Soft Copy

Our most popular format with an instant professional feel. Files shared via a Dropbox link, or USB.

As-Built Drawings

Over the course of a project, drawings change. We get it.

From early tender drawings through constant new revisions of construction drawings to completed as-built drawings. As your project evolves, so does your documentation. We are here to help and offer a FAST drafting service to update your drawings.

Simply send us the project CAD files and a hand mark-up of the changes your require by 3pm, and we’ll return them completed by 7am the next morning, ready for your workers onsite.

Files can be transferred via email or a shared Dropbox link, and in both DWG and PDF formats if required. Send us your logo to be included within the title block.